PEAK Wellbeing

Facilitating the journey to reach a peak state of being

About PEAK Wellbeing

PEAK Wellbeing was lovingly created by founders Heather, Cheyenne and Jen, who are bringing together authentic healers to assist individuals, groups and the environment in healing and going beyond healing; to create a whole new era of being.

PEAK Wellbeing is a collective of specialised healers, practitioners, educators, community leaders and change makers with a shared vision in coming together to assist in the union of the self, environment and community; to heal and go beyond healing, to a state we have never been before. When Self, Environment and Community are in alignment, in the micro and macro context of our existence, we enhance our capacity to live healthier, happier, more fulfilled lives, individually and as a society.

PEAK Wellbeing consists of individuals and groups from all over the world and we welcome authentic people with the same shared vision to become part of this collective: for the good of all that is. Each person or group associated with PEAK Wellbeing is authenticated by their service, the results they achieve and the way in which the service is carried out, with a true focus on the shared vision; the healing of the recipients.

To create a truly wholistic approach for people seeking healing, PEAK Wellbeing members come together to share, learn and serve with each other and refer clients to other authenticated members when it best serves the recipient. Clients know they are getting what they truly need and are cared for within a professional, cooperative, authentic and caring community of healers.

β€œIt is in the balancing and alignment of Self, Spirit, Environment and Community where we may find true healing, taking us to a place beyond, where we have never been before, perhaps to a remarkable level of existence” ~ Heather Cripps