Eye to Eye, Soul to Soul with Humpback Whales

Join EJ and Heather on this journey of a lifetime in magnificent Tonga, August 2019 for the Eye to Eye, Soul to Soul with Humpback Whales experience.

Rediscover your natural connection with your Higher Self, Spirit and the environment through the personal connection you make during your encounter with these majestic beings. Your experience with the Humpback Whales is enhanced through the elements of the natural world and the Tongan community that respects and cares for the environment and all its inhabitants.

EJ’s expert guidance and innate connection with the ocean and its inhabitants teamed with Heather’s facilitation of your alignment with the natural world through your own mind and frequencies will lead you to your individual and unique journey, rediscovery of meaningful connections at the highest level and Whale Energy Medicine to keep with you forever.


β€œI've just returned home from a six day tour of Lady Elliot Island with a stunning friend of mine, a fantastic new human friend, soooo many gorgeous marine creatures and EJ. It wasn't a hard decision to book the trip as my family loved our time in Tonga with EJ and her whalies last year. The prospect of swimming with Manta Rays and Turtles and spotting Whales was too good to pass up and super exciting!!
Escaping the Wellington winter weather for a bit, was a bonus ..... EJ was sensational with her communication while we were planning the tour, and had already done a heap of work putting our package together, so it was very easy for us to make it happen. The tour itself was incredible!! It far exceeded my expectations and i'm still buzzing from the encounters and close interactions we had with the marine life. EJ is a wonderful host and has the perfect balance between giving us our own space and choices, and excitedly encouraging us to follow her expert lead. We quickly became very comfortable snorkelling which opened up an incredible world to us. Her phenomenal photos will give us the perfect record of our experience!! I can't thank her enough (will give her Encounters A+++ as a start  :) )”

β€œMy doctor initially referred me to Heather, who I have been learning from for three years now. She has helped me with the mind tools I needed to stop taking medication for depression and anxiety and now I thoroughly enjoy our weekly group sessions and it helps me to maintain my sense of peace and calm and deepen my spiritual connections.”

EJ and Heather from EJs Encounters and PEAK Wellbeing would like to express their gratitude to like minded souls for the artistry on this flyer. The front cover artistry was created by Malcolm Horton who’s work has been said to come from the heart. The water colour artistry was created by Wise Woman and Artist, Melanie Stokes The underwater image was created by Emma from EJs Encounters.

Please read the last page of the flyer for information on how to book and where to direct enquiries.

We look forward to experiencing your journey of a lifetime with you!

Love and blessings, EJ and Heather